Is Studying in Finland Still Worth It in 2024?

Is studying in Finland still worth it in 2024? Finland has long been a sought-after study-abroad destination, known for its high-quality yet affordable education, innovative spirit, and robust economy. In this exploration of whether studying in Finland is still worth it in 2024, we delve into various aspects that make Finland an attractive academic and cultural haven.


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Academic Excellence in Finland

Finnish universities maintain their standing as top-ranked institutions globally. The University of Helsinki, for instance, consistently ranks among the top 100 schools worldwide, excelling in multidisciplinary education and research. Aalto University in Helsinki is highly regarded for its technology and innovation. The academic landscape spans diverse fields from computer science to business, drawing bright minds on a global scale.


Research Opportunities and Global Impact

Finnish universities actively engage in research and development, collaborating with public institutions, funding agencies, and industry partners. Students benefit from immersive, hands-on projects and active research networks. This approach equips them with valuable skills and the ability to make a direct global impact through their work.


Global Community and Networking

Finnish universities actively participate in global student exchange programs, allowing students to incorporate international experiences into their academic journey. Studying in Finland opens the door to a global community, fostering lifelong connections that transcend borders. The cultural prestige of Finnish degrees provides graduates with a competitive edge in the global job market.


Embracing Hygge and Cozy Comforts

The Finnish concept of “hygge” brings a unique charm to the Nordic country. Embracing cozy comforts, Finns find joy in simple pleasures, especially during the long, dark winters. The spirit of deliberate coziness and indulgent comforts adds a warm touch to student life, offering a welcome escape from the stresses of daily life.


Addressing Climate Change and Sustainability

Finland acknowledges the impact of climate change on its famed winters and has made substantial progress in renewable energy and sustainable development. With a commitment to achieving carbon neutrality by 2035, Finland provides academic and vocational opportunities for students passionate about sustainability.


Quality of Life in Finland

Despite the changing seasons and rising energy costs, Finland maintains a stable society that prioritizes the well-being of its citizens. Subsidized healthcare, education, and public services contribute to a high quality of life. Finland’s leadership ranks highly in lack of corruption, protection of civil liberties, and progressive values, fostering a society oriented around human well-being.


Practical Tips for Prospective Students

Prospective international students can follow these practical tips for a successful application to Finnish universities:

1. Academic Requirements

  • Submit academic transcripts and English proficiency scores (TOEFL or IELTS).
  • Emphasize levels of English fluency and academic achievement.

2. Statement of Purpose

  • Prepare a compelling statement of purpose highlighting academic interests and professional goals.
  • Emphasize passion and fit for the chosen programs.

3. Letters of Recommendation

  • Secure letters of recommendation from teachers or employers supporting your interest and aptitude in your chosen field.

4. Research Opportunities

  • Research professors and ongoing projects to inform your statement and identify mentorship opportunities.

5. Scholarship Applications

  • Apply for scholarships, as international students, excluding EU/EEA students, may have tuition fees.


Visa and Housing Considerations

Non-EU students need to apply for residence permits and obtain visa approval before arrival. The visa processing may take over four months, so it’s crucial to plan ahead. Additionally, finding housing can be competitive, and early applications are recommended.


Embracing Finnish Culture and Making Connections

Learning some Finnish phrases demonstrates goodwill, considering the complex nature of the language. While Finns may initially seem reserved, perseverance and involvement in university clubs and activities can lead to deep and meaningful friendships.


Q&A Section

Q1: Is Finland still a top destination for international students in 2024?

  • Yes, Finland remains a top destination with its academic excellence, global community, and commitment to sustainability.

Q2: How can students offset rising energy costs in Finland?

  • Embracing the Finnish concept of hygge can bring comfort during the long winters, and students can explore scholarship opportunities to ease financial burdens.

Q3: What distinguishes Finnish degrees in the global job market?

  • Finnish degrees are highly regarded globally, providing graduates with a competitive edge. The global network and research opportunities further enhance their market value.


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