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Personal injuries can result in a great deal of pain and suffering for everyone affected. They shouldn’t be overlooked and it is essential to seek legal counsel. It is not a good idea to pay for the negligence of someone else. The Houston attorney for injuries helps residents of Katy, Houston, and surrounding regions and strives to provide clients with excellent legal assistance to ensure that they receive an entire recovery physically, emotionally, and financially.

The West Law Office The West Law Office, we recognize that each individual case of personal injury is unique. This is why we provide each client with the care they deserve in a distinct and individualized way. Every case strategy is not identical, however, our mission to ensure that our clients get the most amount of compensation for their injuries is the same.

Personal Injury Cases We Handle in Houston, TX

All of the legal services we offer are dedicated to representing the injured and their family relatives. If you or a loved one were injured during an accident, we’re ready to assist you in the process of claiming. Some of the most notable cases Our Houston Personal Injury lawyer is familiar with are:

  • Auto accident: We have years of experience representing victims of auto accidents in Houston and across Southeast Texas. If you or a loved one suffered injuries during a collision We will help you protect your rights and assist you to obtain monetary compensation.
  • Tractor-trailer accidents: When large commercial trucks are involved in accidents the consequences could be catastrophic. We are a Houston Truck accident attorney who has the expertise and expertise to hold trucking companies and their insurance providers accountable.
  • motorcycle crashes: Unfortunately, motorcyclists often face untrue stereotypes from police officials as well as insurance firms. If you’ve suffered injuries during a motorbike crash, Sue E. West is available to assist.
  • Pedestrian Injury: Pedestrian accident claims are complex. If you’ve suffered injuries from a pedestrian accident Our legal firm can assist you in navigating how to file a claim, and seek the compensation you need to pay for your expenses.
  • DWI accidents: There are particular challenges to the process of bringing a DWI lawsuit for an accident. We are able to keep drunk drivers and insurers responsible by bringing the civil personal injury lawsuit.
  • Traffic Accidents: We handle all kinds of claims arising from bus accidents. If you’ve suffered injuries as a passenger, pedestrian, or even in a different vehicle, Houston personal injury lawyer Sue E. West can assist.
  • Hit & Run Accidents: Sadly, some drivers don’t adhere to their obligation of stopping and remaining on the scene of an accident. If you or your loved ones were injured by an off-duty driver, contact our legal team to get immediate assistance.
  • Premises Liability claims: In Texas business and property owners are required to look out for the safety of guests and customers. If you’ve been injured due to the negligence of the property owner We can assist you to claim their liability by filing a premises liability lawsuit.
  • Fall and Slip: Slips, falls, trips and slips could cause serious injuries. The Houston Slip and Fall lawyer is a ferocious and attentive advocate for our clients.
  • Dog Bite Claim: Texas is one of the top states for dog bite-related injuries. If you or someone else suffered injuries from a negligent animal contact our law firm as soon as possible.
  • Workplace accidents: Texas has one of the most complicated laws regarding work-related injuries in the nation. We help injured workers with workers’ compensation appeals, non-subscriber claims as well as other workplace accident cases.
  • Unjustified Deat H: We know that nothing could ever be able to replace the loss of a loved one. With a wrongful death lawsuit, your family will have access to justice as well as financial aid.

You Deserve Full Financial Compensation for Your Injuries

Following an accident that is serious, We know that victims require the highest funds to pay for medical expenses and provide for their families. However, the defendants and insurance companies will fight hard to settle cases for as little as they can, sometimes even attempting to stop compensation entirely. Houston, TX personal injury lawyer Sue E. West can assist. Based on the circumstances of your incident and the degree of your injuries you could be eligible to receive financial compensation for:

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  • Treatment for emergency rooms;
  • Medical bills and other related expenses;
  • Future and current income
  • The pain and suffering
  • Scarring or disfigurement;
  • Wrongful death damages.

Texas Personal Injury FAQs

What is a Personal Injury Case?

There are a variety of situations that can cause a personal injury lawsuit. Most often, personal injury cases stem from motorbike or car accidents as well as workplace injuries or slip and fall accidents. A personal injury claim may generally get filed in the case that someone suffers injury or harm due to the fault of a third party or a company.

What Should I do if I’m Hurt in an Accident?



The most important thing is to get medical care. If you need medical attention, make sure you keep a log of your documents that will aid you in the future with your claim. It is also essential to submit a police complaint on the spot of the incident or at the earliest possible time following the incident. Collect names and contact information from witnesses who were present at the incident.

It is also essential to record in precise detail what occurred prior to as well as during and after the incident. It is easy to forget or changed after the incident. In the aftermath of the incident, take pictures of any object that could be later used to prove the incident.

In the first place, you should contact the personal injury lawyer located in Houston, Texas, Sue E. West for guidance on the best way you can proceed with your case.

Should I Give an Insurance Company My Recorded Statement?

Only After You Speak With A Lawyer. Insurance companies can make use of your written statement to support the personal injury claim you have at any time. Although it might appear as genuine concern for the incident, simple observation can be changed and utilized to smear you in court. Insurance companies employ any method to not pay the amount you are entitled to. Always consult with an attorney for personal injuries prior to making a written statement.

What is my Case Worth?

We at the West Law Office, we recognize that every case is unique. The worth of your case is determined by a range of variables. Our skilled Houston Personal injury attorney, Sue E. West is able to determine the right settlement based on these diverse elements. These can include the degree of your injury as well as the medical care that was needed as a result of the accident, damage caused to the vehicle or medical costs as well as the negligence of the person. Since every case is distinct, Texas personal injury attorney, Sue E. West analyzes every aspect of each case with care.

Will my Case go to Trial?



In general less than 25 percent of instances of cases involving personal injury wind being tried. The ones that do go to trial are usually resolved before the trial is over. The decision of whether or not a personal injury case is taken into the trial will depend on a variety of elements. The most important of these is the amount of your claim, evidence offered by the insurance company, and even the location at which the case will be tried. Talking to a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer will help you determine whether or whether your case will be taken to trial.

Are Medical Bills Included in a Bodily Injury Claim?

“Bodily injury claim” oftentimes is a reference to a personal injury claim.

The economic damages of a personal injury claim may be:

  • Loss of Wage
  • Medical Bills
  • Rental car expenses, etc.

Other damages that can be attributed to personal injuries could be:

  • Pain
  • Stress
  • Humiliation
  • Suffering

What is Whiplash?

“Whiplash” is a term used to describe neck injuries typically causing damage to the soft tissue in the neck. The majority of whiplash injuries occur during rear-end collisions. When a rear-end collision occurs, when a car is struck from behind by a car and the body person that is being struck jerks forwards and their head remains stationary. The neck is then forced to stretch out with a whip-like movement. The quick snap or jerk motion is also known as whiplash.

What are Signs of Whiplash?

Whiplash can happen to people who are involved in car accidents, or in other kinds of accidents. A sign that you’ve suffered from whiplash or another neck injury may include, however, they are not restricted to:

  • Stiffness in the neck
  • The neck is aching
  • A reduction in the range of motion
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Vision blurred
  • The shoulder is aching or the arm

Whiplash symptoms can manifest several days after the incident. If you notice signs of whiplash get in touch with a personal injury lawyer Sue E. West immediately.




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