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Accident Lawyer San Benito TX

Car accidents are a common occurrence in Texas. Drivers who are negligent can speed through red lights, speed way over speed limits, interact with electronic devices and engage in a variety of unsafe actions that can result in collisions.

If you’re injured in a San Benito car accident, you are entitled to justice. In such situations, you can trust De La Garza Law Firm for assistance. The San Benito car accident lawyer can handle your claim for insurance or lawsuit and vigorously advocate for the right to compensation you deserve.

Why Choose Rafael De La Garza?

  • Our lawyer, Rafael De La Garza is a skilled negotiator who doesn’t hesitate to take legal action if needed. He will tirelessly work to negotiate an acceptable settlement for your case.
  • Our firm is able to handle only a small number of cases at any given time to ensure that we can offer you the personal attention and commitment that you are entitled to.
  • We work on a contingency fee system to allow for the highest affordable. If we fail to recover an award of financial compensation on your behalf then you are not responsible for any legal costs.
  • We take care of auto accident cases that occur in McAllen, San Benito, Rio Grande, and across Southern Texas.

What to Do After a Car Accident

The aftermath of an auto accident can be terrifying and overwhelming. To safeguard yourself and be prepared for a possible claim, it’s important to remain calm, get assistance and keep the most evidence you can.

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The first step is to call 911 to report your incident to the authorities. Take the information of the officer to find the police report. It’s an important piece of evidence for future trials.

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If you are not feeling well, see a doctor whenever you can regardless of whether you aren’t feeling injured. There could be injuries that don’t show symptoms as of yet. Take yourself to the hospital and preserve all medical records related to your injuries or accident.

If you are able, take photographs of evidence on the accident scene by taking pictures and obtaining contact information from witnesses. Make sure to exchange the license as well as insurance and contact information with the driver at fault. Contact a San Benito car accident lawyer from De La Garza Law Firm as soon as you can.

Different types of compensation for a car Accident

When you file an insurance claim on your vehicle or lawsuit, you’re entitled to the legal right to claim two kinds of damages: non-economic and economic. Economic damages are a result of economic losses as opposed to non-economic damages, which include emotional and physical suffering and suffering.

You are entitled to compensation for the losses outlined below following a San Benito car accident.

  • Medical expenses for both past as well as future care
  • The loss of wages you suffered during your recovery time
  • Loss of future earnings where appropriate
  • Repairs and replacements for property
  • Disability
  • Chronic pain
  • Emotional distress
  • Mental anguish
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Injuries that result from a car Accident

Car accidents can result in massive amounts of force, leading to severe and life-threatening injuries. The most common types of car accident injuries are as follows.

  • Broken bones
  • Brain injuries
  • Damage to the spinal cord
  • Abrasions and cuts
  • Internal organ damage
  • The soft tissues can be injured, for example, whiplash

If you’ve been injured in an automobile accident it is crucial to seek medical attention as quickly as you can. After you receive the medical attention you require, you should contact an attorney to defend your case against the driver who was negligent.

Call a San Benito Car Accident Attorney

If you or someone else in your family has been injured in a car accident, you’ll need an attorney who is a member of De La Garza Law Firm to be by your side. Contact us now to schedule a no-cost consultation and discuss the next actions with an experienced San Benito car accident lawyer.


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