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Are you or a loved one injured in the course of a San Antonio auto accident and you are needing an attorney for car accidents? Are you concerned about how you’ll pay the rising medical bills and the income you’re missing due to your absence from work, or having your car repaired following an accident due to the negligence of another driver? You require an experienced lawyer to advocate for you.

Thompson Law San Antonio car accident lawyers at Thompson Law obtained 15 of the most significant settlements for Texas by 2021 and we’re able to assist you, too. Engaging an attorney to handle accidents with a wealth of expertise in motor vehicle accidents will let you concentrate on healing from your injuries.

If you are involved in an auto accident, your lawyer can assist you in locating the right medical treatment completing the forms, negotiating with insurance companies, getting compensation for lost wages, and eventually, an amount settlement. In reality, an attorney for accidents may even help you get loans or be considered to cover the cost of future medical treatment in certain serious cases of auto accidents.

San Antonio Car Accident Statistics

In 2021, in San Antonio, there were 38,461 total crashes, which included:

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  • 171 fatal crashes that lead to 182 deaths
  • 539 possible serious crashes are suspected which could lead to 626 suspect serious injuries
  • 4303 suspected minor crashes that could cause 5,555 minor injuries
  • Potentially, 6,263 injuries in crashes could cause 10,311 injuries
  • 24,580 crashes that were not injured, resulting in 67,272 occupants who are not injured.
  • 2,601 unidentified severity crashes that resulted in 11,563 people suffering from unknown injuries

Most Common Causes of Car Accidents in San Antonio

The most frequent factors that cause San Antonio car accidents reported by the San Antonio Police Department in 2021 include:

  • The inattention of the driver was the reason for 16232 crashes
  • Inability to regulate the speed was the reason for 416 crashes
  • Too closely followed was the root of 3,864 crashes
  • Changed lanes after being unsafe was the reason for 3243 collisions
  • A faulty evasive move was the reason for 2685 crashes
  • Inability to drive in one lane was the reason for 1983 crashes
  • Inability to give right of way to a driver when making a to the left was the reason for 1,909 crashes
  • Without safety was the reason for 1,897 crashes

Texas Car Accidents Statistics

You may be wondering what these numbers on San Antonio accidents compare to the whole state of Texas. In 2021, in Texas there were 42507 total accidents that included:

  • 223 fatal crashes that resulted in the death of 2,395 people
  • 10,083 suspected serious crashes which could result in 11994 possible serious injuries
  • There are 46,792 possible minor crashes that could be involved which resulted in 62,890 possible minor injuries
  • Potentially, 72,312 crashes could cause injury which could result in 113,823 potential injuries
  • 274,053 crashes that are not causing injury, leading to 842,270 uninjured vehicle occupants
  • 1961 unknown severity accidents which resulted in 85,178 people with injuries that are not known.

Leading Causes of Car Accidents in San Antonio

Although San Antonio auto crashes happen for a variety of causes, TxDOT aggregates these causes at the county level for Texas. Here are a few of the major causes of car accidents and injuries in Bexar County and San Antonio (2021 data):

  • Distracted Accidents During Driving: 18,614 crashes (2,262 crash injuries 56 fatal)
  • Drunk Driving (DWI/DUI) Accidents: 1,963 crashes (384 accident-related injuries and the death of 57)
  • speeding driver accidents: 2/332 crash (453 injuries 40 deaths)
  • Work Zone Incidents 266 crash (213 injuries 10 deaths)

While there are numerous dangerous crossings within San Antonio, nearly one thousand San Antonio motor vehicle collisions were recorded at just 10 major intersections. In the end, Thompson Law’s San Antonio car accident lawyers at Thompson Law are contacted by motorists who have been involved in motor vehicle accidents in these areas on an almost daily regular basis.

Most Dangerous Intersections in San Antonio for Car Accidents

The top 10 most dangerous intersections in San Antonio for car collisions in 2019 were:

  1. I-10 as well as Loop 1604 – collisions involving 216
  2. I-10 as well as NW Loop 410 – 124 collisions
  3. I-35 as well as US 281 – 108 collisions
  4. Hwy 16 along with W Loop 1604 – 92 collisions
  5. I-35 along with NE Loop 410 – 90 collisions
  6. I-35 as well as N Loop 1604 E -There were 82 collisions
  7. Westwood Loop and Alamo Ranch Parkway – 79 collisions
  8. Walzem Road and NE Loop 410 – 63 collisions
  9. Wurzbach Rd and NW Loop 410 – – 61 collisions
  10. San Pedro Ave and NW Loop 410 – – 61 collisions

Leading Causes of Vehicle Crashes in Texas

At the state scale, TxDOT tracks motor vehicle accidents at a greater granular scale. This is why below is a complete listing of the major reasons for automobile accidents that occur in Texas (2021 information):

  • Distracted Driving Accidents: 98,896 crashes (14,174 injury crashes, 412 fatal)
    • Mobile Device and Cell Phone Accidents 365 crashes (707 injuries 48 deaths)
    • Distraction in Car Accidents 12 536 crashes (2,020 injuries, the death of 73)
    • Driver Inattention Accidents: 82.705 crashes (11,447 injuries 291 fatal)
  • Speed-Related Accidents: 163,969 cashes (23,191 injury crashes, 1,362 fatal)
    • Inability to control speed accidents The number of crashes was 134,125 (17,324 injuries and 554 deaths)
    • Speeding Accidents 2 605 crashes (787 injuries, 332 fatal)
    • Unsafe Speed Accidents 27239 crashes (5,080 injuries from crashes and 488 deaths)
  • Intoxication Accidents (DUI/DWI): 28,366 crashes (6,787 injury crashes, 1,236 fatal)
    • Have been involved in drinking accidents 9104 crashes (2,136 injuries 221 fatal)
    • Drug-related accidents 274 crashes (70 injuries 12 fatal)
    • Under the influence of Alcohol: 15 558 crashes (3,700 crash injuries 662 deaths)
    • under the Influence of Drugs Accidents: 3,430 crashes (881 injuries 350 fatal)
  • Moving Violations Accidents: 290,967 crashes (42,923 injury crashes, 1,955 fatal)
    • Backed without Safety Accidents 8983 crashes (227 injuries 6 fatal)
    • Changed Lane in the event of an accident that was unsafe 42,638 crashes (3,263 injuries and 89 deaths)
    • Do not ignore Stop and Go Signals Accidents 21881 crashes (4,459 injuries and the death toll was 124.)
    • Don’t ignore the Stop Sign Or Lights Accidents 14831 crashes (2,867 injuries with 98 deaths)
    • Failure to drive in a Single Lane In a single lane: 45,743 crashes (6,780 injuries and 836 deaths)
    • Failure to yield right of Way In the past, 94,754 accidents have occurred (15,706 injuries and 385 deaths)
    • Accidents involving sleep or fatigue 8.848 crashes (1,910 injuries, 13 fatal)
    • Faulty Evasive Action Accidents 21,460 crashes (3,824 injuries and 243 fatal)
    • The Accidents We Followed Too Closely 20 724 crashes (2,222 injuries 14 fatal crashes)
    • Then, when unsafe accidents occurred The number of crashes was 11,105 (1,665 injuries and one fatal crash,)
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What to Do After a Car Accident


In 2021 in 2021, it was reported that the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) reported 38,461 crashes within San Antonio and 46,383 in the entire Bexar County. This is obviously a lot of accidents in the car, which dropped San Antonio to 138  in Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report.

The typical San Antonio resident goes only 8.2 years between filing a claim for an accident in comparison to a typical national rate that is 10.6 years. So, considering that almost 1/3 of San Antonio auto collisions resulted in injuries in 2021, it’s essential to be aware of these 10 steps to follow following a car crash before speaking to any of us. San Antonio car accident lawyers:

  1. Be at where you were at the Scene of the Accident: Don’t leave the scene of an accident, regardless of whether it’s only a minor crash or you may be ticketed for a hit-and-run collision (Texas Transportation Code Section 550.022. Accident Involving Damage to Vehicle).
  2. Increase Safety on the Scene Install your safety lights, install flares, then relocate to a safer location in the event of injuries that allow you to move to a safe location.
  3. Call the police: A police officer can assist in directing traffic, record testimony from witnesses, evaluate the responsibility for collisions between cars make accident reports, and request medical care. Additionally, police officers will assist you in understanding what to do to obtain a San Antonio car accident report.
  4. Make a truthful statement: Be accurate in describing the circumstances of the accident, without making any speculations. The effects of accidents are usually not noticed immediately, because of the hormone adrenaline, and the delayed soft tissue swelling. So, when you are asked about your injuries it is best to respond with “I do not know”. If you answer “No”, insurance companies will use the information against you.
  5. Exchange information In the event that a law enforcement officer is in the area and present, they are likely to collect the information. However, if the police officer doesn’t or is not at an accident scene (e.g. the police usually won’t attend to accidents that occur in parking lots and on the privately owned property unless there are grave injuries) Make sure to exchange names as well as insurance information and numbers for license plates.
  6. Take Photos: Take pictures of every vehicle that was involved in the crash and their location(s) at the scene of the accident, the damage to property, and the identifying details, like the license plate of the vehicle or Identification Number (VIN). Also, take pictures or videos of the conditions in the weather such as skid marks, skid marks, and the locations of any debris left from the accident on the road. Also, capture photos of the driver’s license as well as the insurance cards of the other parties that were involved. In the event that another party doesn’t possess a driver’s license, then take a photo of them to prove they drove the vehicle.
  7. Scan for evidence: If your injuries permit it, you can search the area surrounding the scene for witnesses or cameras that could have captured the incident on film, such as dash cameras in nearby vehicles.
  8. Get immediate medical attention: A medical professional will examine you and diagnose any injuries you might have suffered. Many victims of injuries ignore discomfort or stiffness in the event of soft tissue injuries that require medical attention, like whiplash or concussions. However, even a few minutes in treatment can open the door for insurance companies to assert that you were injured due to some other factor than the accident, and then dismiss your bodily injury claim.
  9. Create a file: It is important to keep a well-organized folder that contains information about the car accident you were involved in San Antonio, TX. The time needed to settle a lawsuit is not the same so it is essential to be aware of the location of your paperwork.
  10. Talk to An Injury Lawyer: The research shows personal injuries that are handled by an attorney generally yield around 3 times more compensation for victims than cases that do not have legal representation. Thus Thompson Law’s San Antonio car accident lawyers have secured more than $1.8 billion net for our clients. Additionally, we provide free case reviews to evaluate the need to hire an attorney.
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What Will a Car Wreck Lawyer Do for You?

If you’ve been injured in a car accident and are injured, you must speak with a San Antonio car accident lawyer immediately to ensure that your rights are secured. Thompson Law’s San Antonio personal injury lawyers are able to fight insurance companies on your behalf. Don’t allow an insurance adjuster to profit from the injured! The attorneys at our San Antonio car accident lawyers provide Free consultations all hours of the day all week long, regardless of where you live within Bexar County. Contact us today and there’s no cost unless we prevail.

You may not be aware of your rights following being injured in a vehicle accident. But, our San Antonio car accident lawyers do. Thompson Law will protect your claim and negotiate with insurers to ensure that you receive the best value for your automobile accident-related injuries. We take care of all automobiles as well as other cases of personal injuries on the basis of a contingent fee. The accident victims are not required to pay anything until we obtain compensation in compensation for injuries.

Our lawyers in car accidents will handle all aspects of your claim, which include:

  • The responsible party or parties responsible for your injuries
  • Processing and obtaining documents to support your claim
  • All relevant medical records should be collected.
  • In proving damages resulting from your injuries
  • The process of calculating the value of your claim
  • Inscribing your claim to the insurer(s)
  • As the primary contact point with adjusters.
  • Making your claim for the highest offer
  • A lawsuit can be filed in the event that a settlement offer is not enough because an offer is not properly valued

How to Choose the Best Auto Accident Lawyer in San Antonio

The result of your case could be greatly improved by choosing an attorney with substantial trial experience and specialization in personal injury laws. Here are some guidelines for selecting the most suitable accident law firm to handle your accident injury case:

  • results: Choose an attorney who has a track success in recent settlements in Texas. For example, Thompson Law had 2 of the top three most significant lawsuits for personal injuries for personal injury in Texas in the year 2020.
  • Experiential: Pick a lawyer with a significant amount of trial experience in the courtroom and who is highly regarded by their colleagues. For instance, Ryan Thompson is a life-long participant in the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum and was selected as among the top 100 National Trial Lawyers. Insurance companies monitor which lawyers will take the case to trial and also offer more favorable settlements in anticipation of litigation to the clients of these law firms.
  • Sources: Ensure that the accident lawyer you choose is able to recruit field investigators, reconstruction experts, as well as traffic engineers. If the liability of the lawyer is in dispute or litigation is necessary such as, for instance, it is possible that you will require experts from these fields to conduct investigations and testify on behalf of you.
  • service: Talk to people in your area and find out the comments they make about their experiences dealing with different car accident attorneys or read the reviews on websites. Insufficient communication and a lack of understanding of where the case is at the beginning of the process, for an instance, are among the most frequent complaints from clients when it comes to car wrecks. Thompson Law prides itself on providing the highest level of client service in the area of personal injury. It is important to choose an attorney firm that puts your requirements first.

Insurance Company Tactics to Deny Claims

If you don’t have legal representation If you are not represented by a lawyer, the insurer will try all they can to settle the least amount of claims. The reason for this is that the primary function of an adjuster for insurance is to cut down on the amount to be paid in the form of settlements for injuries and court-ordered damages.

Some of the methods insurance companies employ to diminish the amount of a claim for injury includes:

  • claim denials The insurance companies may refuse claims due to problems such as incorrect paperwork or policy exclusions from coverage, with the intention of getting angry and then going away.
  • early settlement offers The adjuster may propose a settlement that is low-cost in your case before you realize the severity that you have suffered.
  • Delayed Claims Insurance companies can drag through the claims process, meaning an attorney for accident victims can’t handle your case. This is because the deadline to file a lawsuit in Texas is two years from the incident. There are two exceptions to the limitation period in Texas are that the two-year statute of limitations that begins: 1.) when the death occurs when the accident causes death; and 2.) at the age of 18, in the event that a minor was involved in an accident.
  • Partially blame the victim: Texas is a state with a comparative negligence system, which means that insurance companies can attempt to make a victim partly accountable for an auto accident.
  • Minimize Injuries Adjusters can attempt to argue that your injuries were not pre-existing or that the treatment was too long.

Types of Car Accident Injuries

Based on the CDC CDC, accidental traffic-related deaths in motor vehicles are the 2nd most common form of injury that is unintentionally caused across the United States. As previously mentioned the risk of being killed in the event of a San Antonio car wreck is extremely low during any given year. It is estimated that only 0.44 percent of car accidents that occur in San Antonio involve a fatality and require the assistance of a legal attorney for wrongful deaths. However, the chance of suffering injuries and requiring the services of a San Antonio car accident lawyer is 66 times greater than the chance of dying from a heart attack and is around 29% of all accidents which result in injuries.

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While there has been progress in decreasing motor vehicle accidents, however, they happen often. Thompson Law Thompson Law, our San Antonio car accident lawyers encounter the most common injuries from car accidents daily for example:

  • brain injury: These types of injuries result from hitting the head or a rapid deceleration in which the brain is impacted by the skull. Traumatic head injuries (TBI) are typically classified as moderate, mild, or severe based on the clinical findings and signs. Brain injury can have severe long-term implications. Therefore, it is crucial to find an attorney for brain injuries who knows how to handle insurance companies that attempt to reduce the severity of mild traumatized brain injuries (mTBI) by saying that they’re “soft tissue” injuries.
  • Spinal Cord Injury: Automobile accidents account for over 38 percent of spinal injuries that have been reported in the United States since 2010. These kinds of injuries could be mild or severe (e.g. quadriplegia, paralysis). So, you must choose an attorney for spinal injuries that is aware of the lifelong costs of care for the spinal cord.
  • Amputation Loss of a limb is devastating and can result in lifelong disfigurement to the victim. But, an attorney will help you get the maximum amount of compensation for an injury and ensure that insurance companies do not diminish the damage you’ve suffered.
  • internal injury: The internal injuries that are common in car collisions are harder to identify and treat due to the fact that they are not visible. If you believe you’ve suffered an internal injury as a result of the course of a car crash, you should seek immediate medical attention and contact Thompson Law.
  • scarring or disfigurement: People often remember to photograph visible injuries following a car accident. But, it’s important to snap photos once that injury has been healed, particularly if you suffer from a permanently altered skin surface. skin. In cases of such injuries, the lawyer can assist you with estimates for the cost of cosmetic surgery revisions and also compensation for the damage that you’ve sustained.
  • Burn injury: Burn injuries may vary from car fires, and just like other skin-related injuries it is essential to take photographs of the aftermath before showing your attorney.
  • Lacerations, cuts, Abrasions, and Contusions bruises: These visible injuries to the skin and tissues are frequently neglected by the adjusters and victims after a car crash. They then, with time, recover, with a lot of or no scarring. In the event that you’re suffering from one of these kinds of injuries, it is crucial to record your injuries in photographs to preserve your injuries to use later to help you in your situation.
  • Neck Injuries, like Whiplash: Whiplash is a type of cervical acceleration-deceleration injury to the neck that is typical of rear-end car collisions. In addition, whiplash is among the most frequent injury that is caused by car accidents which accounts for 83% of those suffering from whiplash.
  • Back injuries are among the most commonly reported injuries sustained in car accidents. They may be a result of soft tissues (e.g. muscle) injuries to nerve damage to disc injuries to the spinal column. It is therefore crucial to choose an attorney who knows the exact nature of back injuries to ensure that he or she can aid in the correlation of the mechanism of injury that occurred in the crash to the injury.
  • Broken Bones Bone fractures typically occur during car accidents or because of bracing in case of an accident, or in a collision with an object, such as the wheel of a car. Fractures of the hands and wrist are frequent in minor collisions and rib fractures can be usually the result of seat belts as well as airbags. Seeking medical attention for x-rays to the areas that are of concern following an accident will help safeguard your health from the possibility of a persistent sore, which could be a sign of something else.
  • Joint injury: Injuries to the wrist, shoulder, and knee are the most frequently occurring joint injuries that we encounter in automobile collisions. The injury to these joints is usually to the ligaments or cartilage which can cause dislocations as well as jarring movements. Joint injuries typically manifest as an intense pain that slowly goes away, only to return when inflammation is evident.

No Upfront Cost Representation by Our San Antonio Car Accident Lawyers

Call Our San Antonio Car Accident Lawyers Today!

If you’re wondering what is the best moment to speak with an attorney who handles personal injury cases following an accident in the car The answer is now! The attorneys at San Antonio car accident lawyers provide free consultations. Additionally, we do not charge a fee unless we prevail. There are no attorney costs, court fees, and legal costs, as well as other expenses in the event that we do not recover funds for you. If we are able to negotiate an agreement on your behalf the cost will be paid out of a certain percentage that is a part of the settlement.

If you’ve been hurt If you have been injured, don’t just look to find “car accident lawyers near me”. It is best to hire car accident lawyers from Thompson Law that have received distinctions and awards to serve as their clients’ advocates.


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