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Do You Want to Sell, Swap, Buy a New Gadget? Brand New Phones, Desktop, Gadgets Now Available

Shop quality iWatch from 9jaedublog

Are you looking for a plug where you can easily swap or repair your old mobile phones (iPhones) then right here is a reckon name for your Gadgets. We allow our customers to swap their old phones (iPhones) to a new one and vice versa. Swap deals are getting easier and effective, which phone do you have in hand and which do you have in mind? You can contact us via the comment section below or our contact us page for a lovely swap option. When swapping with us, ID card is needed for security reasons.

We also sell brand new and fairly used (UK) Phones/Tablet and PC, perfectly working and in good conditions. Pickup or delivery to your doorstep available.


Below is the list of our available iPhones and their price.

No Name Model Rom Price (₦)
1 IPHONE 6 16gb 48,000
2 IPHONE6 64gb 58,000
3 IPHONE6s 16gb 58,000
4 IPHONE6s 64gb 68,000
5 IPHONE 6s plus 16gb 85,000
6 IPHONE 6s plus 64gb 90,000
7 IPHONE 7 32gb 80,000
8 IPHONE 7 128gb 90,000
9 IPHONE 7 plus 32gb 125,000
10 IPHONE 7 plus 128gb 135,000
11 IPHONE 8 plus 64gb 160,000
12 IPHONE 64gb 180,000
13 IPHONE X 256gb 200,000
14 IPHONE Xs 64gb 200,000
15 IPHONE Xs 256gb 215,000
16 IPHONE Xr 64gb 185,000
17 IPHONE Xr 128gb 205,000
18 IPHONE Xr 256gb 220,000
19 IPHONE Xs Max 64gb 255,000
20 IPHONE Xs Max 256gb 275,000
21 IPHONE 11 64gb 280,000
22 IPHONE11 128gb 300,000
23 IPHONE 11 pro 64gb 355,000
24 IPHONE 11 pro  256gb 380,000
25 IPHONE 11 pro max 64gb 410,000
26 IPHONE 11 pro max 256gb 450,000
27 IPHONE 12  64gb 400,000
28 IPHONE 12 pro 
29 IPHONE 12 pro max


Below is the list of our available iPhones and their price.

Shop quality iWatch from 9jaedublog today

Name Model Size Price (₦)
SERIES 1 38mm 58,000
SERIES1 42mm 63,000
SERIES 2 38mm 68,000
SERIES2 42mm 78,000
SERIES 3 38mm 88,000
SERIES3 42mm 98,000
SERIES 4 44mm 148,000
SERIES5 40mm 155,000
SERIES 5 44mm 165,000
SERIES6 40mm 185,000
SERIES6 44mm 200,000

You can easily contact us via to get more info about the above phones and price list. 


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