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MUSIC: K Mr shed ft Beallyflakes - Erika

K Mr shed ft Beallyflakes - Erika If you have not heard about Beallyflakes by now, you are not an ardent follower of Nigerian R&B music . Well, let us formally introduce you to the ever impressive Beallyflakes   with his latest song but not his actually. Mr shed an impressing rapper put him on with his smooth chill voice on this song musical offering titled  ‘ Erika ’. Click here to Download and Listen Now 

How To Activate Glo 1.2gb for N200 Sunday Plan

How to activate Glo 1.2gb for N200 weekend Plan 9jaedublog tech is here again with yet another cheap data offer from the grand Master of data GLO. Which lets you get  whooping 1.2gb worth for data for as low as N200 every Sunday. We have got few interesting data offers we feel you should check out just after reading this through! {tocify} $title={Table of Contents} Introducing to you the latest Glo 1.2GB data offer which can be activated for just N200 only. Sounds cool right? More details on Glo 1.2gb for 200 weekend Plan Activation Process:  Obviously the title says it all, just as this data subscription plan can be used only during weekends and for sure (Saturday And Sunday) only.  Another amazing feature of the Glo data weekends plan is the fact that it is cheap and affordable, which everyone obviously can purchase with just N200. Does the Glo weekend plan work on all applications?   What were you expecting?  For sure this is the best part of the Glo 1.2gb weekend plan as it can be

How Do I Disable Private Number Or Enable Caller ID on MTN, Glo, Airtel and 9mobile On Android and iOS

How To Disable Private Number Or Enable Caller ID on MTN, Glo, Airtel and 9mobile On Android and iPhone Welcome once again to, we shall be showing you how to disable private number or caller id for MTN, Glo, Airtel and 9mobile on your android or iphone (ios) device for free without having to worry about going to meet a phone doctor in today's article. {tocify} $title={Table of Contents} There was a time in which you can make a phone call and the receiver questions you why you are calling him/her with a private number, putting you in a confused state as you actually have no idea on what they are talking about. The receivers most times will see unknown number calling and might end up rejecting the call! There are options to disable caller ID or enable ID and also to set as default base on the network providers, and this can also be enabled via USSD code for a particular caller of your choice. Many Android devices will for sure let you disable caller ID on your line

How To Delete or Hide All Facebook Posts and Remove all timeline Tags At Once In 2020

  Delete All Facebook Post In 2020 D id you know that you can delete or remove all Facebook posts in an account at once without having to delete them individually, and also you can untag yourself from multiple posts at once and finally hide all Facebook posts from your timeline at once without wasting time. {tocify} $title={Table of Contents} In today's post, I will be showing you how you can easily delete or remove multiple Facebook posts at once without having to delete them one after the other.  The stress of deleting Facebook posts one after the other is quite stressful and time wasting, so with these steps I will be explaining below, you will be able to remove multiple Facebook posts, remove multiple Facebook post tags, and also hide all Facebook posts at once without wasting much of your time. $ads={1} After getting to observe people spend days and weeks trying to delete old Facebook posts, tags and also hide Facebook posts, 9jaedublog went on research to look for the best op

Nigerian Navy Resumes Recruitment Exercise 2020 for Batch NNR 30

Nigerian Navy Nationwide Massive Job Recruitment | 40 Positions (NNR 31): Nigerian Navy (NN) Recruitment Form / Exercise Requirements, Qualifications, Application Guidelines, Deadline Aptitude Test Schedule for 2020/2021 Session [Free of Charge]. The Nigerian Navy wishes to inform the general public of the resumption of online registration for the 2020 Recruitment Exercise for two weeks from 5 – 18 November 2020.  It is to be noted that this is a continuation of the online registration which had commenced in March 2020 but was later suspended in April 2020 due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Interested candidates are to apply online at .  Applicants are advised to apply once as multiple application/registration will be disqualified.  Furthermore, applicants who have already registered before the suspension should not apply again to avoid disqualification. On submission, applicants are to print out copies of the completed.  Application Forms together with Applicant’s

How to analyze trend on Filan Trade to make money

Introduction First, I will teach you how to analyze trend trading to make money. Everyone must learn to analyze trends on their own. Only if you learn the trading methods by yourself can you make more money than others in this market, so I hope you will study hard every time you give a speech. {tocify} $title={Table of Contents} Ways of making money There are about two ways to make money on Filan8d3d Market 1. Make money by trading online 2. Introduce new users, get invitation bonuses and commissions Types of trends First, you need to understand the formation and types of some common trends We can think of red as A, green as B, or green as B and red as A. In short, the color that appears first according to the trend is A, and the color that appears later is B. I hope you understand this? Before analyzing the trend, we must first check the colors that appeared in the first 5-10 cycles to improve accuracy. Let me first explain these three trends. Next, I will tell you how to trade.  This