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Shocking: Landlady stabbed tenants wife almost to death in Lagos

On the 28th Saturday March, 2020, Landlady Mrs Anulika Ubasinachi Ekweozor wife to Samson Ubasinachi Ekweozor  the landlord, stabbed tenants wife to verge of death as a result of conflict between Landlord and the Tenant ‘ Husband to the stabbed woman’. Tenant wife who was stabbed Have you checked this out:-  Imam of peace - Buhari stopped US from eliminating BOKO HARAM This happened at No. 78 Amudalatu Agod Ikotun Egbe, Cele Bstp on that Saturday afternoon. Report got to us (9jaedublog) earlier today but we put in more to get full details and vital information about what stirred up the fight and the condition of the victim and the landlady. On that sad day, the husband of the victim earlier had a little quarrel with the landlord, he questioned the landlord for cutting his source of electricity. This was the misunderstanding between the landlord and the tenant. The landlord and the tenant went in to settle their dispute which is said to might have not ended well. Tenant

China Exposed for creating COVID-19 virus as a weapon for economic world victory

China has achieved economic world victory by cheating. 9jaEduBlog brings to you the most thrilling viral topics all over the nation don't miss out next post, kindly subscribe to our Newsletter. News image Have you checked this out:-  Imam of peace - Buhari stopped US from eliminating BOKO HARAM  China first created the Corona virus vaccine and kept it in his fridge until the economic of the whole world was brought down.  China had become the hub of investors all over the world.  China left the virus in It's Wuhan city and due to the tremendous deaths, the shares of the fleeing investors bought the price of the currency and the foreign investors and entrepreneurs ran away from their capital. China has already created and hidden the vaccine, Took out and stopped the deaths of China in just a single day.   In this war, China lost some of its people but looted the wealth of the whole world. Today there has not been a single death, nor has the

Imam of peace - Buhari stopped US from eliminating BOKO HARAM

Just about now, 12:26 PM 28th March, 2020, Imam of peace has taken to his twitter page on how buhari refused US from eliminating boko haram. He said; “We were not allowed to destroy boko haram. When the governments creates excuses to protect terrorists, you have a terrorist government.” Who is Imam of peace? Mohammad Tawhidi is a Muslim influencer and reformist Imam. Tawhidi has been embraced by a number of centrist islam groups and anti-islamic extremism groups. Tawhidi is president of the Islamic Association of South Australia, which he founded in 2016. He refers to himself as the "Imam of Peace. Check this also:-  China Exposed for creating COVID-19 virus as a weapon for economic world victory Followed up comments and replies says that its false, Imam of peace is just an enemy to president Buhari, while some said, they saw the video which he posted some months ago, its not a surprise that boko haram is a political weapon used to attract foreign a

Shocking News: Explosion in Akure, Residents in panic, see photos and videos

N ot quite long after the Explosion in Abule Ado Lagos, here is another blast at about 12:30 am to 1:00 am on Saturday morning, the 28th of March 2020. Also Check;  See Who is behind the insurgency and deaths of thousands of soldiers - An aggressive soldier cries out loud Just in, Road cuts into two and about 100 residential building, schools and churches destroyed in an explosion at midnight in akure, Ondo state. This explosion went off and was heard by residents in other cities close to the town which includes Owo, Ondo, and other nearby towns. This is what can gather about this information. We went through social medias; twitter, Instagram and other blogs to fetch you a solid information about this. Many have also falsely claimed that what residents of Akure heard on Saturday morning was the Asteroid hitting the town. See those making that claim below: Twitter images Have you seen this;  Imam of peace - Buhari stopped US from elimi

Davido - My Fiancé is tested positive for COVID-19

Chioma Rowland (TheChefchi) the fiancé to popular Nigerian music star David Adeleke Known as Davido was tested Positive to Covid-19 (Corona Virus)after the result which was tested on 25th of march. Davido and chefchi  Davido recently made an announcement on his Instagram page about how they decided to go for test because of their recent travel history and together with all their close associate about 31 of them. Did you missed this post? See Who is behind the insurgency and deaths of thousands of soldiers - An aggressive soldier cries out loud " We decided to take ourselves and our all close associate we have come in contact with for the COVID-19 test on the 25th of march " he also said " Unfortunately, my fiancé's results came back positive while all 31 others tested have come back negative including our baby, " wrote Davido. He added that they both showed no symptoms, but would be self-isolating as a safety measure. " We are however doing

See Who is behind the insurgency and deaths of thousands of soldiers - An aggressive soldier cries out loud

An open letter was sent from the following personnel listed below; 96NA/43/12713 Sgt Amakiri tuyi a SNCO 17NA in the Nigerian Army.  Date posted was not published, I was going through my WhatsApp group and I found this text and decided to share and write more on this. REQUEST FOR OPERATION LAFIA DOLE  (theater commander) SHOULD BE  WITHDRAWN FROM THE ARMY AND HAND OVER TO AIR FORCE With tears in my eyes and pains in my heart due to carelessness of the chief of army staff, theater commander sector commanders. This is my 24th years in service, 4years in North East fighting Boko Haram with my age in service and experience in the battle like United Nations peace, bakkassi, Liberia etc This war between the Nigeria army  and Boko Haram is a well planned game, sir with due respect what happened in my very own eyes is very sad and disgraceful to whole Nigeria army and Nigeria as whole. A nation well known with armies that do go for war and conquer, now handling

COVID - 19 and President Buhari refusal to address the Nation

I n any democratic society, there is the principle of the rule of law which also establishes the principle of equality and impartiality. President Buhari - Apart from this, it is binding on any elected leader to take care of the electorate under him. Afterall, without an electorate there cannot be a government vice versa. The recent discovery of corona virus (covid -19) has heightened the fears of the Nigerian populace as to whether the president is capable or is been directed by powers beyond his control. Firstly, from the initial stage of the discovery of the deadly disease, there were agitations from all quarters for the closure of all borders and a ban on foreign flights. However, all these measures weren't implemented. Now that the virus is officially in the nation's territorial space with different cases recorded in Lagos, Abuja, the onus is on the President  to give a national address as to abate the fears of Nigerians on the dea

President Buhari, Under Pressure to Address Nigerians on Readiness to Tackle Coronavirus

N igeria's President Mohammadu Buhari has come under media pressure to address his fellow countrymen on his government's preparedness to handle the Coronavirus infection that has been confirmed in Nigeria. Coronavirus poses a serious global health risk to the world and governments both within and outside Africa have been using different strategies to prevent its spread. Nigeria is among the most populous countries in Arica and it will have to contend with the virus in the weeks ahead. Criticism against the president first came from the leader of the proscribed indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) who fled out of the country to escape charges brought against him by the government. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu challenged the president from his hideout in Britain to address the country on his preparedness to tackle the spread of the virus. Nigerians have also blamed the president for the new cases of the viral infection reported in the country for his failure to act promptly

What really happened in the Viral Video of a guy beating a girl mercilessly

What happened between Dooshima and Junior in the viral video of a guy beating a girl in the month of march 2020: What Actually Happened Dooshima Ella Terwase , who was mercilessly beaten by her boyfriend Moses Chiutar a.k.a Junior (King Marret De Entertainer on facebook), is a final year secondary school student. As time goes by we discover more hidden truth and stories about what actually stirred up the fight. A story was written by Ukan on Facebook She told me on Wednesday night, 18th March, 2020. Junior, A student of Caritas University Enugu, who returned home where he is undergoing studies. He called her to his house to resolve a dispute that brewed in the course of their relationship. She suspected that she is pregnant for Junior. According to Ella, she had exams to write so she couldn't make it to juniors place, she put off the visit till that fateful Friday (20th March, 2020). Initially, Ella said she turned down the request but Junior's fr

7 Things You Must Do To Avoid Misunderstanding With Your Partners

There is no way two peoples will walk together without getting into one misunderstanding or the other. But in relationship, it is very important to avoid misunderstanding, because it could lead to the end of your relationship with your partners. There are many reasons why lovers often go into disagreement or get into sudden misunderstanding which often lead to a broken relationship. Not being sincere to your lovers, uncontrolled anger and lack of effective communication among others could cause misunderstanding in a relationship. However, it is very important to know some necessary ways to avoid misunderstanding in relationship so as to maintain a steady relationship with your partners. Have you read this:   Hidden secrets of long lasting relationship, how to stay long in a relationship 1. Tolerate your spouse : lack of tolerance often lead to misunderstanding between two lovers. Partners are advised to understand each other's mistakes and as well accept t


E veryone desires to be rich. It is an innate aspiration in most human to have lots and lots of material things. To be at that place where most if not all of life’s needs are met.  If you ask the average Nigerian, he wants to have much money. To the one who has nothing or little (at least by his own estimation); the dollar is the answer to most, if not all of life’s problems. The truth is, he may not be too far from the answer. It is alright to want to have lots of money and be rich, it’s a legitimate desire. It is another thing however, to know how to build wealth.  This brings us to the question, is being rich the same as being wealthy? If you ask most people if being rich is the same as being wealthy, you might be met with blank stares; as if they are thinking, “ what are you talking about? Isn’t it all about having a lot of money? ” They are not completely wrong to think so, but you see, being rich and being wealthy, though interrelated are two quite different concepts or financi

The Dynamism of Renokrinism

Y ou all know who Reno Omokri is, yes? Born in 1974, Reno is a renowned author and well known lawyer. A founder of a multimedia project, Build Up Nigeria and a producer of many short series films in the U.S. Reno omokri - He was the host of a Christian TV show in the U.S ehich talked about the Christian faith and many other things. What makes Reno spectacular is his use of social media as a tool to propagate the gospel-according to him, that is. But Reno is not your usual social media celebrity. The man is so dynamic. One moment, Reno is all fired up in the spirit about things and the next, he dives into politics and culture. He also talks about the current administration of the Nigerian republic, using every means necessary to bash the government. For him, he believes the government has failed the people and the country at large. This has helped to put him in the back books of the government who sought to disrepute him by naming him, former president Goodluck J

Drugs and It Effects on Human

D rugs are medicine. Drugs are medication made with different  types of chemical composition, which serve as supplement  to  pioneer the functionality, of the immune system. The human body system respond to the effect of drugs differently and the improper usage of it can lead to side effect, which can put a patient in a worse unhealthy state. Drugs are good and supportive for the body, if it well used. Drug photo - The effect of drugs on a patient, can be determined with the level of concentration it contains. Using drugs should come with the right proper measures when serve, so that a patient can go through the process of gradual healing, restructuring and revival that comes up in the right manner. Drug usage, do not come naturally  to anyone, but it becomes a necessity when there is health  related issues, coming as a threat  to life which discomfort the stability of the body functionality. A patient reaction to the effect of drugs, varies from one p

CORONA VIRUS: ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT COVID-19, Symptoms, Prevention and Cure

W e will be talking about how an infected victim can prevent the spread of the virus, acknowledgement of the virus, how to know if you are infected, what and what measures can be carried out to prevent yourself from initially contacting the virus. Coronavirus image from Firstly, What is Corona Virus? The corona virus disease first started in Wuhan, China in 2019. Hence, it is code named 2019 Novel Corona Virus (2019-nCov) and later referred to as COVID-19. COVID-19 is a flu-like respiratory disease caused by a new corona virus (known as SARS-CoV-2). This implies that corona virus (or viruses such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome MERS-CoV and SARS-CoV) has always existed before now. They are common in people and animals such as bat, cat, cattle, etc, and are rarely transmitted. However, COVID-19 is a new strain of the virus known as SARS-CoV-2, and is highly contagious. All these viruses are genetically similar in that they cause seve

Growth analysis in Nigerian movie industry (NOLLYWOOD)

How the Nigerian Movie Industry NOLLYWOOD has perfect as a Venture in Life. T he Nigerian movie industry “NOLLYWOOD” is a perfect example of how beneficial continuity is in any venture in life, it's has gone from hurriedly putting something together, I know you remember those days where we could probably guess what the movie is all about and predict how it goes just from hearing the movie title and seeing it's poster advert, yes.   Yes those times, it was terrible I agree, it took a lot to get me to sit through a Nigerian movie. Then my mother had to complain about how we never wanted to sit together as a family in the late evenings and watched tv together, well it’s only because I don’t like watching on TV. I’d rather spend that time playing games or something but today, it’s a different case in the Nigerian movie scene. From captivating stories and a professional proper performances by actors in depicting this roles to great quality of pictures and effects

Beginners Guide to Making money online (5 Tried and True ways for a beginner)

D o you want to make money online? Have you been searching on Google, looking for the PERFECT and EASIEST way to make moneyonline,  STOP and listen Carefully to these. “ Making money online takes time unless you want to scam someone and get away with it ” Please read it again. If you haven’t started making money online. Just calm down, and Listen. I have been there before. Have you found yourself searching for these on google? "10 ways to make money online" "65 ways to make money online" "100 easy ways to make money online" It's normal, since that time how many have you started working on. If you have not started working on anyone. it means you are not ready to put in the work WHY?? Are you just reading to memorize it? Here Are some of the Problems you might face as a NEWBIES when it comes to making money online 1. You Think Making online should be as Easy as clicking on a button 2. Impatience This one is a serious issues because