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How to lock your WhatsApp with fingerprint

Over a few past months, WhatsApp has rolled out a slew of updates on both Android and iOS platforms. But these updates are mostly restricted to the beta versions, which means only a handful of users who are a part of the developer beta programme on both Android and iOS platforms are able to use the features available under these updates. One of these updates is the ability to secure the chats using fingerprint lock available on almost every Android phone and iPhone models that were launched recently. Moreover, iPhone X or higher have even an advanced level of biometric security that uses Face ID, instead of Touch ID, which is the counterpart for fingerprint lock on iOS. Currently, WhatsApp lock for Touch ID and Face ID are available to the users in the stable channel while the same feature is under the beta programme for Android users. Here’s how you can secure your chats on both the platforms to stop any possible snooping by people who would just randomly open your WhatsApp